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Laxmi Multipurpose Services | Group of Companies | Jai Bhawani Enterprises
" रिकाम्या हातांना काम देणारी माणसं "

Laxmi Multipurpose Services

In order to venture in to the business of “Man Power Supply” a young IT Graduate Mr. Sarvesh Tukaram Cholke in the year 2009 had established M/s Laxmi  Multipurpose Services” , Nigdi, Pune 411 044. Instead of choosing the career of highly paid IT Professional he had opted for business and wishes to establish himself in the said business. In his view the best thing to combat the unemployment is to obtain and spread business of manpower sully throughout nation. Thus helping the nation to progress.

The institute is new but capable of providing all sorts of Industrial and allied labours.

Name of the Company Laxmi  Multipurpose Services
Registered Office Nigdi Pune 411044
Shop & Establishment Registration No Nigdi/II/14946
E. S. I. Code No. (Pune) 33000375950001001
Professional Tax No. MH/PUN/9/303413
Service Tax Registration ANDPC9763ESD002