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Jai Tulja Bhawani Enterpries Pvt. Ltd. | Group of Companies | Jai Bhawani Enterprises
" रिकाम्या हातांना काम देणारी माणसं "

Jai Tulja Bhawani Enterpries Pvt. Ltd.

We are one of the Leading Organization engaged in providing trained workforce of various categories to suit the Organizational needs in meeting their goals.

Name of the Company

Jai Tulja Bhawani Enterpries Pvt. Ltd.

Registered Office

Mahatma Phule Nagar,
Near Mohan Nagar Police Chowkey
Chinchwad (East)
PUNE – 411 019
Phone No :- (020) 27471299 / 27487499 / 27469199
Fax No :- (020) 27451299
Mobile No :- 9822035944

Shop & Establishment Registration No Chinchwad/II/16982
E. S. I. Code No. (Pune) 33000346850000699
Provident Fund Code No.

MH / PUN/121631

Service Tax Registration No. AABCJ5688FST001
Labour Licence No. 1970 Contract (R & A) ACT.
Income Tax Pan No.


ISO 9009: 2015 Registration 20IQED50